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Gail Peck’s default reaction to Holly Stewart.


Gail Peck violating her own rules of casual, non-committal dating.


"I think if Gail had been born deaf, dumb and with no eyeballs she still would have been drawn to Holly. It’s not about gender in this case. It’s about when your heart splits open and it’s guts are splatter all over the walls. It’s about falling in love." — Charlotte Sullivan


"If my mom were your mom you’d be gay" (Gail to Dov)

"I’m a lesbian" (Gail to prisoner)

guess i should’ve seen that coming 

Orphan Black - 2x01 - Sarah’s nameless helpers


With 10 Magical Photos, This Man Completely Changed Everything I Knew About This Tiny Creature.

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko documents tiny creatures in nature who often go unseen. In particular, he captures portraits of snails that are both magical and adorable. The photographer gets in close to snap macro shots of precious, surreal moments. To see more of his work visit: http://vyacheslav1964.35photo.ru/









would you rather attend the wedding of your otp or get a copy of their sex tape?


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is the sex tape in HD?

Can I be the priest?

there are two kinds of people

is the priest in the wedding or the sex tape?

Three kinds

NO ONE WARNED ME NOT TO WATCH “The wolf of wall street” with PARENTS :/ That was awkward…. (I never saw/read anywhere how bad it is, and how it’s just guys doing drugs and full of bad porn)

requested: tatiana maslany

requested: tatiana maslany


Seriously blows my effing mind that even when Alison is being Sarah to go see Kira…she has the same clothes as Sarah, same makeup, and same effing face for heavens sake and you STILLLL can tell that its fricken Alison. Like, her eyebrows move up more and she blinks wider and her eyes do different things…

Like holy frick Tatiana Maslany…fricken amazing.